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Dr Adel Tanious

If you are a patient of Dr Tanious you will be required to read and complete one of the following packs prior to your procedure/surgery.

If you are an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) or General Surgery patient, please print out and fill in Pack One.

If you are an Orthopaedic patient, please print out and fill in Pack Two.

If you are a Dental patient, please print out and fill in Pack Three.

Please bring your completed forms prior to your appointment for the Anaesthetist to review. You may also wish to email, post or fax your forms- see details on the forms.

Please note that you may also fill out the Patient Questionnaire directly from this website, and if you do so, there is no requirement to also print off and complete a hard copy of the Patient Questionnaire. Simply click here on the words Patient Questionnaire, complete the form and click the submit form button at the bottom of the Patient Questionnaire screen.

However, you will still need to read pages 1 and 2 of the pack, print out, sign and return the Financial Consent to AnaCare prior to your procedure.